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Better things to do than website maintenance?

Your WordPress website needs regular care but you might not like the thought of doing it yourself, or just know your time is better spent elsewhere.

I’ll make sure your website is regularly maintained and problems are addressed quickly. I’ll manage the hosting and let you know what’s going on in plain, non techie language, so you can get on with your day.

I’ll be there when you need it

Your website should run without a hitch. But if something does go wrong or your website goes down, I’ll probably know about it before you.

And if you need technical help or notice a problem, you can always count on me for help. No need to contact your host or talk to a different customer service rep every time.

Free website health check and performance boost

Slow load times and poor security hurt your business and store up problems for later, both for me and you!

When you sign up, I’ll audit your website for any security weaknesses or performance issues. I’ll spend up to an hour fixing anything I can, and if it takes longer I’ll report back to you with any suggestions.

Monthly performance reports

Easy to read monthly reports and performance metrics, delivered straight to your inbox.

  • Analytics. Easily compare visitor numbers to last month.
  • Uptime. Check if your website has been unavailable.
  • Performance score. Regular, automated page speed checks.
  • Security. Regular security scans and their results.
  • Updates. Software updates and their timing.

Premium hosting

  • 99.99% uptime. Ultra reliable Google Cloud infrastructure and monitored systems keep your website online.
  • Speed. Lightning fast cloud servers and backup capacity so your users aren’t left in the dark.
  • Software updates. Regular, safe updates, that don’t interrupt your website’s availability.
  • Dual back ups. Parallel, regular back ups that get you up quickly if something goes wrong.

Security in depth

Ongoing security scans, firewalls and secure encrypted connection (SSL) help protect your local business or ecommerce store.

  • Regularly updated web application firewalls to identify and repel attacks.
  • SSL key at no additional cost and no renewal fee.
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDS/IPS) for in depth threat analysis..
  • Regular anti malware file scanning.