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How I protect your data

When I do work for you, you might need to send me sensitive data; like passwords or other data that you want to keep private.

This is how I look after it:

Passwords and sensitive data

When I ask you for passwords or other sensitive data I’ll provide a secure method for you to send it. This means it will be encrypted and/or password protected in transit. Or I can take these details over the phone.

I won’t keep your password in plain text. As soon as possible I’ll encrypt it and protect it with a strong password.

About encryption

Encryption is a way of scrambling your data so no one else can read it. It’s an extra layer of protection in addition to a password.

Your passwords and other important data will be encrypted with the industry standard AES (Advanced Encryption Standard), the same used by banks and governments.

Your data can only be unlocked with the private key, or password, which I’ll keep safe on my devices.

Storing your data

Any data of yours will be secured with a strong password or similar secure protection.

Devices I use will be kept in a secure, private location and/or protected with a password, PIN or pattern. I use established anti virus software and keep it up to date.

I may also use online services to project manage, share work with you and work on my different devices. This will also be protected with a strong password and/or two factor authentication.

Retaining your data

Unless it’s needed for ongoing work, I’ll delete any personal or private data you give me 6 months after our last contact.

If you ask me to, I can delete your data and/or send it to you at any time. For more details see my privacy policy and your data protection rights.

Working with contractors

Occasionally I may work with other companies or freelancers who also need to access your data. If I do I’ll seek data protection guarantees comparable to my own. If I have to share access to accounts that you own, then wherever possible I’ll do so using a temporary username and password and restrict access to only the data they need.

Additional privacy options

When you use a service like Google, they may process your personal data, including the contents of any documents or emails, for commercial use. Your data may also be stored in countries with weaker privacy controls than the UK or EU. 

If this concerns you I can recommend alternative services with stronger privacy controls.

Notifying you of a breach

Even with the best laid plans, problems are always possible. If your data security is breached, or I suspect it has, I will always notify you as soon as possible.

Any questions?

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