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One off design fee vs Paying Monthly

My web designs can be paid for all in one go or by monthly subscription.

One off plans are cheaper in the long run, because you manage the website and hosting yourself (see Choosing a Web Host and Maintaining your WordPress website).

Monthly subscriptions include hosting, maintenance and ongoing care. A full website redesign is included in the third year.

Paying monthly

  • Monthly subscription fee.
  • Hosting, maintenance and care included.
  • Best value for ongoing support and development.
  • Free website redesign or redevelopment in Year 3.
  • No commitment – change your mind anytime.

When you choose to pay monthly, then hosting, maintenance and care are included in the cost. You’ll pay for the first 2 months up front and regular payments will start 2 months after launch.

If you ever have a problem with your website you can leave it to me. I’ll monitor your site, update the software and keep it secure. And I’ll send you monthly health and performance reports so you know your website’s in safe hands.

You’re not stuck with the plan. You can quit penalty free after 24 months, or earlier in exchange for a reasonable exit fee (see FAQs below). But if you stay, then after 3 years you’ll get a full redesign or development at no extra charge.

One off investment

  • One time design fee.
  • Cheaper in the long run.
  • Best value for savvy owners or in house management.

If you choose a one off investment, I’ll set you up with a web host, or you can choose one. You’ll be responsible for doing the basic tasks to keep your website up to date. But don’t worry, you don’t need loads of technical experience to do this.

Apart from that, you’ll need to renew your web hosting and domain ownership accounts, either monthly or annually. There may be other subscription fees for software or services, depending on your project.

I’ll publish your website to get you started and can offer training if you require it.


As long as you’re comfortable on a PC and have a bit of time to learn, you should be fine to do most of what you need to look after your website. Read the guide ‘Maintaining your WordPress website’ and see if it’s something you’d feel comfortable with.

On rare occasions you might face a problem where something doesn’t work as it should. eg. a software update might affect the way your site displays or works. If this happens and you’re not on a monthly plan you can:

Go to your host, if it’s something they can help with.
Find the answer on a website like or Google (there is loads of support online).
Come back to me and I can quote you for some further work.

This doesn’t affect your consumer rights – if there’s an issue with something I have done I will always fix it.

Yes, if you’re on a monthly plan and want to end it early you can pay the difference between the one off fee and any monthly charges you have already incurred (these will be specified in your contract).

If you have paid in one instalment and decide to go monthly I can offer you a quote for hosting, and possibly a partial refund on your initial investment.

Yes, you can exit your contract at any time.

If you decide to end your contract, you can manage your website yourself or transfer it to another developer/designer. I will help you do this.

You can exit your contrat penalty free after 24 months. If you want to leave before this, there will be an additional fee calculated as:

Before 12 months

Monthly fee x Months remaining x 0.8

Eg. for a design costing £35 a month which has been running for 6 months, the exit fee wil be £504:

£35 x (24 – 6) x 0.8 = £504.

After 12 months

Monthly fee x Months remaining x 0.6

Eg. for a design costing £35 a month which has been running for 18 months, the exit fee will be £126:

£35 x (24 – 18) x 0.6 = £126.

Web hosts are the companies that make your website available online. The vast majority of websites require a web host. It’s sometimes possible to host your website for very low cost, or even free, but this only applies to sites that don’t require frequent updates or interactions (such as contact forms or log in functionality). Ask for more details.