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For a more accurate quote please get in touch.

  • Form submission errors £45
    Form entries not being received; ‘500 Internal Server Error’ messages, etc.
  • Slow page speed £35 – £95
    Pages taking a long time to load or some elements not loading properly (eg. images). Please ask for a more accurate quote as the reasons for this can vary.
  • “Connection not secure’ SSL warning £30-£45
    Error messages such as ‘Some parts of this page are not secure’; ‘Your connection to this site is not secure’.
  • Virus or malware recovery Price On Enquiry
    Sudden appearance of pages or ads that aren’t yours, or pages that suddenly redirect to other websites can be signs of malware or an attack.
  • Page display/mobile display issues Price On Enquiry
    Content or navigation that doesn’t display or function correctly on all device and browser types.
  • Fix broken links £25-£35
    Links that lead to the wrong pages or pages that don’t exist (404 ‘Page Not Found’ Errors).
  • Quick Security audit £35
    I can review your website security so you’re protected from the most common security threats and attacks.
  • Quick SEO (search engine optimisation) audit £35
    I can review your ranking performance and show you some easy ways to optimise for search.